Project Specific Mitigation Solutions

ASH Mitigation, LLC offers custom mitigation planning services. ASH Mitigation, LLC can plan and permit a project-specific mitigation project tailored to serve an individual client’s mitigation needs. ASH Mitigation, LLC owns land specifically reserved for such mitigation projects; however, if clients own land suitable for mitigation, ASH Mitigation, LLC can assist clients in planning and permitting a mitigation bank on client-owned lands. This mitigation planning and permitting process is conducted in coordination with the U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and in accordance with the USACE Permittee – Responsible Mitigation (PRM) framework and associated regulations.

Additional Services

ASH Mitigation, LLC can assist clients in minimizing wetland impacts associated with its projects that require temporary work spaces (e.g., pipeline, utility, levee, and drainage rights-of-way). ASH Mitigation, LLC can plan and implement restoration of these temporary work spaces, effectively reducing the amount of mitigation required, including assistance in obtaining of the required USACE approval.

ASHMB can also assist clients in restoration of lands which where unintentionally cleared or filled, in the case that such is required by an After-The-Fact Permit issued by the USACE.